Awesome Amethyst $150


Justin’s Absolute Love $150


Rebecca’s Rhapsody $200

Dynamic Sunrise $200

Dr. Ramon Barnes $200

Artistic Expression $120

Light Drama $60


Samsational $150

Lighthouse Blaze $100


Dragon Flame $100


Bronze Dragon $80


Paula B. $100


Gigaflutter $100

Cowabunga $70

Mirah's Choice $70

Stunning $60

Ariana Astounding $60

Mombasa Memories $60

Pixie Laughter $60

Late Opulence $80

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Sold Out For 2022
Rebecca’s Rhapsody
Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid, 6" X 36"
[((Apollo’s Fire X Stunning in the Sun) X Gigaflutter) X (Gigaflutter X Paula Jane Burgener)] X Samsational
The pod parent is a sibling of H. Dr. Ramon Barnes.

Rebecca’s Rhapsody is named after my wife, Rebecca. She brings me much joy and sings like an angel, so the flower reminds me of her. It the most brilliant daylily I have seen. It glows in the sun like a polished metallic surface. You will be drawn to it from hundreds of feet away, it’s that bright. A strong plant with lots of buds - 20 to 30 buds. It is a quick divider, and is the youngest daylily I have registered - its first bloom was in 2017. Its parents are often rebloomers, but I have not seen Rebecca’s Rhapsody rebloom. Rebecca’s Rhapsody’s children are often of similar brightness and typically of high bud counts of 25+. A great parent and spectacular presence in your garden.

6 to 7 inch flowers on a 36 inch stalk, and 20 - 30 buds that bloom from mid July to early August. Semi-Evergreen, very hardy in our northern climate. Pod and Pollen Fertile.

Price: $200.00 SF - Sold Out For 2022

Rebecca’s Rhapsody clump in 2021
Rebecca’s Rhapsody Plant
Some Seedlings of Rebecca’s Rhapsody: