Awesome Amethyst $150


Justin’s Absolute Love $150


Rebecca’s Rhapsody $200

Dynamic Sunrise $200

Artistic Expression $120

Light Drama $60


Samsational $150

Lighthouse Blaze $100


Dragon Flame $100


Bronze Dragon $80


Paula B. $150


Gigaflutter $100

Cowabunga $70

Mirah's Choice $70

Stunning $60

Ariana Astounding $60

Mombasa Memories $60

Pixie Laughter $60

Late Opulence $80

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The Barn, Mid July, 2018
The Barn, daylilies and our staff, Mid July, 2018

The Barn in full bloom, Mid July, 2015
The Barn in full bloom, Mid July, 2016

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse, May 12, 2017
Our New Geodesic Dome Greenhouse in progress, May 27, 2017

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse, May 12, 2017
Our New Geodesic Dome Greenhouse in progress, May 12, 2017

The Barn in full bloom, Mid July, 2015
The Barn in full bloom, Mid July, 2015
The Barn in full bloom, Mid July, 2015

Our new entrance sign is up in June 2015
The New Entrance Sign, in place June 2015. Bloom time is only a week away.

The garden 2010
The Lowbanks Gardens, July 17, 2010

Me in the garden 2010
The Lowbanks Gardens, July 17, 2010

Daylilies in the garden 2010
The Lowbanks Gardens, July 14, 2010

Weeding the gardens in Lowbanks, July 2013
Weeding the gardens in Lowbanks, July 2013


Setting up Dynamic Daylilies in Beamsville
4500 South Service Rd in Apr 2010
The Beamsville property as it was in April 2010

4500 South Service Rd in Aug 2012
Beginning clearing the land, Beamsville Aug 2012

First Daylilies Planted
The First Daylilies planted, May 2013
The Barn being built summer 2013
The Barn under construction summer, 2013, by Vanderstelt Construction.

The Barn almost complete Aug 2013
The Barn is almost complete, end of Aug 2013

The Barn Oct 30, 2013
The Barn Oct 30, 2013

The Barn Closeup Oct 30, 2013
The Barn Closeup Oct 30, 2013

The Barn in June 2014
June 2014 - Planting Daylilies

Rows of Daylilies in place, June 2014
Rows of Daylilies in place, June 2014

Dynamic Daylilies 2014
Dynamic Daylilies, June 2014

Dynamic Daylilies July 2014
Dynamic Daylilies, July 2014

2021 will be the eigth year that we are open for sales in Beamsville. We moved a lot of plants from Lowbanks to the gardens at Beamsville in 2013 to 2016. Moving leads to unknown effects – some plants do better and some do not. So we had some daylilies that were stressed, but they are well established now. We have continued planting about 2,000 seeds each year, so there are now over 10,000 new seedlings growing at Beramsville. The summer of 2017 had the most spectacular daylilies bloom ever in our gardens. 2019 was a similarly spectacular year for awesome new daylilies. In particular, we had over 30 new seedlings grow stalks with over 30 buds – and one with 62 buds. To get 62 flowers on a baby seedling has never happened before for our daylilies. The new seedlings blooming for the first time in 2021 will be children of the high bud count daylilies crossed with many others. So 2021 should be exciting. Come in July and see what is new or just spectacular again.

Our Daylilies are Yellow, Red, Purple, White, Gold, Orange, and many many combinations of those colors. I have been aiming for large brightly colored flowers and we have some 8 inches in diameter that shine from a distance in brilliant reds, oranges, and/or purples. Others are only 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Some are round, some are like spiders, and there are many different shapes. Some are short - about 12 inches high, and many are 3 feet to 4 feet tall. We have a wide variety and every day different ones will be blooming.

Prices will range from $20 per plant up to $500+ per plant. Registered daylilies cost more. Non registered daylilies are excellent plants, but not ones we plan to keep for future hybridizing and so they cost less.

We have many rows of seedlings that are not for sale for at least two more years. Sorry. Please enjoy looking at them, but until we have had time to evaluate them fully we do not sell them.

Dynamic Daylilies is in Beamsville, at 4500 South Service Road, just east of the Beamsville exit from the QEW.

July 2 to Aug 21:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesdays to Saturday.
Sunday from noon to 6:00
Closed Mondays.
If we are busy we may be open later – up to 6 pm.

Email: John@DynamicDaylilies.ca

We have been hybridizing daylilies since 1995. Many of our seedlings are 6th or 7th generation from our lines. We have been crossing older varieties with newer ones, aiming for large, bright colored flowers that are hardy in Ontario. In 2007 we moved all of our plants from three gardens in Mississauga to our Lowbanks property, where we have about 1/2 acre of our seedlings growing there. We have expanded from a hobby to becoming a business. We opened our new garden in 2014 and hope it will be easy to find and beautiful to see. We plan to be providing unique Ontario Hybrids for many years to come.

For the Lowbanks Gardens, we have not used pesticides or fertilizer and rarely watered the gardens. At the Beamsville Gardens, we will be using some pesticides and are setup to handle watering through the dry times of the summer. We began adding mulch to the gardens in 2016. It mainly helps fertilize the plants the next summer and reduces the weeds. It is not necessary if your soil is reasonably good. If the plant does not survive under poor conditions, I really do not want it. We try to avoid anything that takes time or effort. Many bought plants from southern hybridizers do very poorly in our gardens, yet ours do very well. So if you care for the plants, you are likely to get larger flowers and more buds than we do.

Gardens Photo 1
Due to the climate here, many of our plants propagate slowly. We have tried to use tissue culture to speed up how quickly we can sell our plants. Generally the tissue culture plants are somewhat different than the originals, and the production of 100 tissue culture plants still takes about 3 years. So it is faster, but not enough for the cost. We are still working on other ways to propagate Daylilies rapidly in Canada.

Our philosophy is that tissue culture used to help produce small limited numbers of daylilies is useful for northern hybridizers, and properly controlled will not lead to destroying the market for our plants. We will not do more than 100 for any plant - and will only do plants for the original hybridizer. For more information on Limited Edition Tissue Culture Services we have available, please see our web pages at www.gemination.com

Tissue Culture